Rotary in Graz

In the City of Graz Rotary came alive in the year 1927. On 23rd May – two years aft the founding of the first Austrian Rotary Club – under the parenthood of Rotary Club Vienna the Rotary Club Graz was founded. The official Charter was on 8th Oktober 1927.
Today in and around Graz there are eight Rotary-Clubs with more than 450 Members (in the order of the foundations):
RC Graz (since 1927)
RC Graz-Neutor (since 1967)
RC Graz-Schlossberg (since 1978)
RC Graz-Zeughaus (since 1997)
RC Graz-Kunsthaus (since 2004)
RG Graz-Umgebung Nord (since 2011)
RC Graz-Burg (since 2012)
RC Graz-Süd (since 2015)