The founding members of the RC Graz-Zeughaus at the Charter Event in 1997.

Club history

On June 29, 1997, the Rotary Club Graz-Zeughaus (named after the world famous styrian armory, a collection of 32,000 pieces of weaponry, tools, suits of armour for battles and parades) was constituted as the fourth Rotary Club in Graz. On May 16, 1998, the club received its charter in the Graz Congress. Thanks to a diverse membership structure and the commitment of presidents and officials, a friendly and fruitful collaboration quickly developed in the spirit of Rotary.

In 2003, a partnership agreement was signed with the Bavarian Rotary Club Nürnberger Land. In 2011 Graz-Zeughaus took over the sponsorship for the newly founded Inner Wheel Club Graz-Uhrturm, in 2012 also for the sixth Graz Rotary Club Graz-Burg.

Honorary Members
PP Franz Helmut Fattinger (RC Graz)
PDG Günther Perner (RC Graz)
PP Jürgen Schiller (RC Schloßberg)
PP Berthold Sutter (RC Neutor)

Service projects (selection)
– Advent market with used toys in favor of children in Kosovo
– construction and equipment of a children’s playground
– concert in favor of the refugee village Andrijevica in Montenegro
– Advent in favor of the Polio Plus action
– scholarships for talented music students
– support of separation-impaired children
– contribution to the construction of a fountain in the City Centre
– sponsoring participation of a blind girl at the special Olympics
– establishment of a school class in the Masai Mara (Kenya)

Presidents of the RC-Graz-Zeughaus
1997/1998 Heinz Stammberger
1998/1999 Heinz Stammberger
1999/2000 Günther Witamwas
2000/2001 Josef Wohinz
2001/2002 Helmut Majcen
2002/2003 Hans-Herwig Priebsch
2003/2004 Edmund-Gerhard Schrümpf
2004/2005 Alois Kernbauer
2005/2006 Ernst Grabenwarter
2006/2007 Alexander Sutter
2007/2008 Georg Plankensteiner
2008/2009 Rainer Remschmidt
2009/2010 Walter Bernhart
2010/2011 Christian Purrer
2011/2012 Wolfgang Pribyl
2012/2013 Johannes Schick
2013/2014 Harald Fötschl
2014/2015 Peter Kautsch
2015/2016 Erich Gruber
2016/2017 Franz Grabner
2017/2018 Christof Schell
2018/2019 Volker Pichler
2019/2020 Heimo Lercher
2020/2021 Dieter Müller