Rotaract (from Rotary and Action) is the youth organization within the international Rotary movement for people between 18 and 30. Rotaract was founded in the 1960s by Rotary International. The aim of Rotaract is to promote the recognition of ethical principles as part of a professional responsibility among young, active adults.
The clubs cultivate friendship, lecture, discuss current topics and organize social support events. Like Rotary, Rotaract wants to promote understanding and peace among peoples. The club life is based on the three Rotaractic columns “Learn – Help – Celebrate”.
There are almost 11,000 clubs worldwide with approximately 250,000 members in 184 countries (as of October 2018).
The Rotaract Club Graz, supported by the Rotary Club Graz-Zeughaus, was founded in 1979 and currently has 26 members (March 2019).