Interact is the youth organization of Rotary International for 14- to 19-year-olds. As with Rotary’s older colleagues, the organization consists of a large number of clubs that meet every two weeks and organize projects to promote the common good several times a year.

The idea of ​​service to others is central to Interact. Through their relief efforts, Interacters learn how rewarding humanitarian aid is, but also leadership skills and responsibility, as well as the purpose of international understanding.

There are about 20,000 Interact clubs worldwide with a total of over 450,000 members. Austria has 13 Interact Clubs.

Important goals are:

  • Humanitarian and Charity Activities
  • Building Friendships
  • International Understanding
  • Widening the World View
  • Developing Future Leaders

    The Interact Club Graz was sponsored by the Rotary Club in 2014 Graz-Schlossberg was founded and currently has 13 members (June 2019).